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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Mature Fashion: Semi Annual Closet Cleanup

Fashion Week for S/S 2017 has just concluded in New York and moved on to London and Milan. I am a little behind because I was unable to watch the runway shows at  (I do not know why they were not available  to me until the shows were over-whether it was a temporary browser problem, or something to do with the website; I have never had this problem before, but all is working well now.).  I sincerely suggest that all stylinistas view several of the runway shows to get a feel for looks they may want to incorporate into the spring/summer wardrobe. (you can wait until Feb/March and view the fashion journals, etc., but I like to get a head start).

I like to view the runway shows before I complete the closet clean up.  In the meanwhile, I am able to remove any item that should be discarded due to wear and tear, poor fit, etc. I will then determine which garments I will keep.  I always keep anything I absolutely love and look for inspiration as to how I can incorporate that garment into the looks I have chosen to wear for the season.  I like to use it in a fresh new way, thereby giving the wardrobe a fresh new look and not allow the same clothing to become "dated". Performing this two-step curating process also benefits my budget.

I also use this time to examine the garments in my wardrobe to analyze or refine my own personal style. For example, I have always loved good blazer type jackets.  As I have mentioned before  in my blog "", my roles have changed significantly over the past few years.  My closet chock full of lovely classic blazers in wool, silk, etc. are slowly being replaced with blazers that are more appropriate for my current and future roles.  I find that I have been adding utilitarian cardigan sweaters rather than wearing the blazers I love.  I doubt I would be making this change unless I went through my usual closet curating process and writing it down in this post. (this is an example of the clothing rut that it is so easy to fall into)

Grey lizard purse is by Michael Kors, silver flats from Sam Edelmann's Circus collections, Grey, wine, and pink BCBG  desert hat.  Grey heels are LifeStride, one of the most comfortable brand of heels that I know. I included the picture of the heels because I did a shoe change when I had a certain errand to run and wanted a little more formal look.
My "signature" hat for the day was this colorful felt that lightened the mood of all that grey, (and of course, covered the hair that I had neither the time or opportunity to arrange in a more flattering style).

Hats have become somewhat of a signature for me because I have both delicate and hard to manage hair, partly because of the harsh coloring process, age, heredity, etc.  My life style does not allow me to spend a significant amount of time on hair styling, and I have a limited budget to pay styling professionals to take care of it properly. Hats and gentle at home hair care environment address those concerns.  Hats fit in admirably with my life style, keep sun damage to a minimum, etc; besides, I LIKE hats......

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Mature Fashion: Closet Shopping & Styling

Most of my favorite styling ensembles for this season are just the remix of garments that already exist in my closet.  As always, when I plan to update my styling "looks", I shop my closet first to select garments that I can mix and max to create a certain look. (after I have curated and rid the closet of any item that no longer fits properly, is damaged beyond repair, or has outlived its fashion cycle!! ) Only AFTER shopping my closet will I determine what minor seasonal purchases I may choose to purchase. (very few, and always at the appropriate price point).  My major goal is to make sure I create desirable ensembles that give a fresh new look to my wardrobe and "rock my age".

Of course, shopping my closet has the added and very practical advantage that I have neither shopping time nor expense involved when I simply remix. 

An additional advantage to shopping my closet rather than a shop is I already know the garments in my closet fit me properly, are in colors that I have already chosen to suit my coloring, and in a style that is suitable to my my body type.

Inspiration and imagination is all that is necessary to create desirable ensembles that give a fresh new look to my wardrobe and "rock my age."  Remix means just exactly that; re-arranging garments and especially, accessories, to update the same old items yet give them a new fashion look.

The only thing I have to update is styling techniques in both the use of jewelry, hair fashions, and cosmetic enhancements.