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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Mature Fashion: Closet Shopping & Styling

Most of my favorite styling ensembles for this season are just the remix of garments that already exist in my closet.  As always, when I plan to update my styling "looks", I shop my closet first to select garments that I can mix and max to create a certain look. (after I have curated and rid the closet of any item that no longer fits properly, is damaged beyond repair, or has outlived its fashion cycle!! ) Only AFTER shopping my closet will I determine what minor seasonal purchases I may choose to purchase. (very few, and always at the appropriate price point).  My major goal is to make sure I create desirable ensembles that give a fresh new look to my wardrobe and "rock my age".

Of course, shopping my closet has the added and very practical advantage that I have neither shopping time nor expense involved when I simply remix. 

An additional advantage to shopping my closet rather than a shop is I already know the garments in my closet fit me properly, are in colors that I have already chosen to suit my coloring, and in a style that is suitable to my my body type.

Inspiration and imagination is all that is necessary to create desirable ensembles that give a fresh new look to my wardrobe and "rock my age."  Remix means just exactly that; re-arranging garments and especially, accessories, to update the same old items yet give them a new fashion look.

The only thing I have to update is styling techniques in both the use of jewelry, hair fashions, and cosmetic enhancements. 

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