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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Mature Fashion: New Website!!

Hello all Stylinistas (and Fashionistas)

RockMyStyling is moving to a sub-heading on the RockMyAges.Info website;  I am SO happy to have only one site.  Now it will be possible to catagorize the subject matter and deal with the pertinent blog all in one place.

As always, I welcome any and all feedback.  I can see from the number of hits that I am getting quite a few readers, but I really would like to have you share your styling secrets as well.

I am still setting it up, but you can find all the information about styling on the new site as I add it.  Until then, you can, of course, view any older posts on this website; it will not be going away.

Have a happy holiday season and please visit the new website...........Geneva


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Mature Fashion: More on Curating

As I mentioned in the last post, I curate my closet continually . (However, I ALWAYS do the seasonal thing as explained in earlier posts).  Of course, frequent editing cuts down on the time it takes when I do that seasonal thing, etc.

I put this outfit on the other day when running errands and having lunch with a friend; I am not happy with the fit (losing some weight usually has some consequences for my wardrobe).  As you can see, it is now a bit too baggy and the hem is now also sagging.  Although it is a bit wrinkled from a long bout of sitting, it is apparent that the skirt does not fit properly now.  I obviously did not check my mirror effectively that morning, but the picture says it all.

If this skirt was to be a 'keeper' in my closet, I would invest either the time or money to alter it properly.  I will not do so because the skirt is representative of a 'trend' that will probably be out of fashion soon and the quality of the material does not make the investment worthwhile.  I like the skirt but it is not one that I love so much that I will miss it.

When I undressed for the day, the skirt immediately went into my pile of designated thrift store items. (I already have started a bag of clothes to be laundered and sent on to the thrift store.)  I avoid putting the item back in my closet if I have decided to get rid of it.

Weight gain or loss is one of the major reasons that women of all ages lose sight of styling maintenance.  Although I believe that both the mirror and the camera can be a gal's best friend, (it is never diplomatic, etc.) ..this picture also reminds me that I really must attend to getting more light into my bedroom; I have had this problem before.  In fact, that same day I put on chocolate brown stockings and left the bedroom before I realized they were not black!!