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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Mature Fashion: Continuous Refining of Closets (Curating)

A nude face palette was not suitble for  this outfit-I did realize it before I left the house;
Although I do a formal curating of my closet twice a year, I am actually working on it a little bit all year long. Two of the qualities I am always scrutinizing are the place the garment hold in my "roles" (exactly how MANY functions do I attend in a year and do I have dresses do I need?)  I find that I usually have too many.  My own personal needs require appropriate seasonal dress for the occasional wedding or other formal or semi-formal occasion.  I do NOT need each of the ones in my closet each season. Contrary to the advice of many stylists, I examine the garment for its suitability for storage and use at a later date.   If I absolutely love each of the excess dresses, they fit properly, and are suitable in every way, etc., I store it properly (NOT in my closet) and "buy" the "new" dress, etc. in a later season.(All too often I have purged my closet of a garment I loved and really wish that I had it a season or two later.) I keep a completely closed storage bin in an outside shed in which I store clean garments that I may want to keep for later, stored with appropriate bug resistors, etc., and rotate some of my 

Having said that, I like to have enough garments  to easily adapt my wardrobe as the styles and trends change. For example, I like to have a flattering A-line and a flattering pencil type skirt in my core colors, as well as two lengths of pants, etc.  As always, classic cuts and clean lines are the most practical in all areas.Overall, I have my own personal challenge of keeping just the right amount of garments for all the catagories I have.  I have been cutting back on the number of core  garments,  (who,-with my lifestyle,- needs five white cotton shirts? six black wool skirts? four charcoal..three navy, etc., etc.)  I am trying to cut back the number off the items but increase quality and versatility.

The area I am concentrating on now is eliminating (or reducing) colors from the closet that do not work as well for me with my "silver" hair.  As I have aged, I also am more "picky" about having shoes in the closet that are comfortable but also stylish rather than a closet of shoes that I can only wear for an hour or two before having to change.  This is one of my most difficult challenges, but I am working on it.

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