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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Mature Fashion : Keeping Current

Keeping currant does NOT mean just wearing the latest fad or going out and buying whatever the latest garments delivered to your local department store. It means choosing elements of fashion and applying them strategically to suit your body, lifestyle,  and personality.

Dressing "appropriately" for one's lifestyle can be a bit of a challenge for the oldest members of the +40 crowd; in fact so much more a concern that I am thinking about moving the age criteria on the blog (not that it really matters, fashion styling basics are pretty much the same no matter what a woman's age-it just how often the styling challenge occurs that makes the difference).

I have noticed that so many people in my age group are people who are retired and feel no pressure to keep up with the dress codes of a work place or the business world in general and have

limited social contact with society at large.  In fact, all too many of them fall into the trap of comfortable (baggy) sweats, thongs or slippers for wearing everywhere and all the time, little or no attention paid to cosmetic or hair styling.  Without fail all to many of them also have little conversation unless it is about their ills or family problems.

Of course, not all people who are over sixty fall into this rut, but I must say at least 50% of the ones I observe daily, do.  I have to believe this is a more general condition because I almost always get some compliment when I do general errands such as shopping the grocery or craft stores.  

All of this would just feed the vanity  train EXCEPT it is a known medical and psychological fact that people have better all around health when they pay attention to how they look; it is not vanity, just good sense for maintaining health. In addition, since 90 to 95 % (depends on the source) of all communication is non-verbal;...what you see, is what you get.

Red heels are Isaac Mizrahi; wool felt hat, Dooney Bourke navy handbag.

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